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Event Ritual

Event Ritual

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 There are events taking place on specific days. Each month features a different event. On the day of Chilseok (Lunar July 7th), there is "the Chilseok Harmony Dharma Assembly", and on the day of Jungwonjeol (Lunar July 15th), activities such as "karma resolution" and "Deliverance" are scheduled.

The crystals and ritual implements sold here are for a limited time only, hence they are listed under the event category. 



이벤트 법사

7석 화합법사 

1대1 법사 

원하는 상대에 대한 정보가 필요함. 

상사, 동료, 연인, 부인, 자녀, 부모와 관계 개선을 원할때 하는 법사


중원절 해업법사/대보시법사/초도법사

업의 해소, 영체의 간섭 제거

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